Storage Solutions for Your Summer Wardrobe


If you're short on storage space like me, you may be wondering what to do with your summer clothing to make way for your fall wardrobe. I've got you covered today...Enter my love affair with The Container Store!


My home was built in the eighties and for some reason so many houses built in that era have a shocking lack of closet space. My closet is so inadequate, in fact, that my husband has to hang his clothes in another room. Haha! I've done my best to purge my wardrobe of the things I really don't wear anymore, but the fact remains I don't have enough room for everything, so I had to get creative.


For instance, what do you keep in your nightstand? I bet your drawers aren't full. I store some of my jewelry collection in trays in my nightstand right next to my book and remote control. I typically put the more seasonal pieces in there. Right now my summer baubles are sleeping in my nightstand trays while my more fall appropriate jewelry is in the standing jewelry box that I store in my closet and a hanging pegboard. Did I mention that our bedroom is small too? Haha!


Under the bed is another great place to store seasonal clothing. You won't believe how much you can fit in underbed storage bags and they slide right under the bed with ease! You can even store shoes under your bed!


A tie hanger not only works for ties, but it's a great storage tool for scarves too! Plus, they don't get wrinkled.


If you have the room, installing some shelving in your closet allows you to fold and stack...I stack sweaters in the summer and tanks in the winter!

So, what are some of your favorite storage solutions lovelies?

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