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Style Tips from Rachel Zoe


If you're as obsessed with fashion as this girl is, Rachel Zoe is kind of a big deal..Even my couldn't care less about women's fashion hubs knows who she is. Haha! So, you can imagine how much my week was made when I had the chance to sit down and talk style with her thanks to Downy. Rachel recently partnered with Downy and Tide to learn more about best practices for fabric care. Considering how unique her personal style is, I know she's the kinda girl who cherishes her clothes versus tossing them aside for the latest and greatest.


If you want your clothes to last, you have to pay attention to how you treat them. Enter Downy...Think of it as conditioner for your clothes. At least that's how Rachel explained it to me. Makes perfect sense right? It can protect fabric fibers from stretching, fading and fuzz. I know I certainly have some beloved pieces that I plan on wearing forever and a day, so learning more about how I can best care for them was clutch. Plus, I got to hang out with RACHEL ZOE who had some amazing style tips for moms that I just had to share with you!

Q:Thinking about the everyday mom, which is who makes up our audience, what are some fall trends that you think would work in her life....the everyday mom's life.

Chunky knit sweaters, ponchos, trousers are so comfy, yet look so chic. And every woman should own a pair of riding boots because you can run around in them.

Q: Which pieces from your own line are the kind of wearable fashion that anyone can make work?

Great jersey dresses, a black maxi dress with a little denim jacket over it. Everyone should have a great pair of basic black pants.

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Q: Moms are going crazy for that book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up...and so many people are seeing the appeal of a more minimalist lifestyle...How do you feel about the concept of paring down one's closet and focusing on a capsule wardrobe...and how can laundry care make those pieces last.

I think it's so great. I myself have a go to kind uniform..a pair of jeans, comfy pair of heels and I usually wear a jacket. And coats. I love coats. A leather or lightweight wool for transitional wear and if you live somewhere cold, go nuts with something like shearling.

We want to take care of fabric that we wear all the time. With Downy care, it's like conditioner for your clothes. Fabric conditioner really helps seals the color and keep the fabric smooth.

Q: Let's touch on motherhood....What have you found to be the most difficult part of being a working mom and have you found a solution for it?

It's a lot of juggling and it's a challenge every day, but I won't sacrifice my time with them. The key thing for working moms when you're not there with them is that someone is who loves them. I'm so grateful for my family.

Q: What can a busy mom who's short on time do in a few minutes that will help her feel great when she walks out the door?

I can get dressed in like 7 minutes because I don't like being late. I swear by jackets. A fun jacket is really all you need. I keep my bottoms basic. For denim...I like a boot cut.

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