Spring Ready Rain Gear


April is supposed to bring forth showers right? We've had a bit of wet weather in my neck of the woods, but my lawn definitely wouldn't mind more, so I'm going to get myself ready for the rain we're hoping will start to fall soon! And with rain, comes the need for rain gear. Every good rainy day wardrobe needs the right accessories to keep you dry, yet stylish.

I'm sure the rainy season will be here any day...And when it arrives, I don't want to be caught unprepared. There's nothing I hate more than getting wet when I have somewhere to be. I don't mind playing around in the rain, sans lightning, every once and a while, but if I have an agenda, being soaked is not my cup of tea. That's why I keep some rain gear in my car...just in case.

An umbrella is a necessity and I have a rain jacket stowed in the back more often than not too. Speaking of umbrellas, I really like to have fun with mine. If I have to be out in gloomy weather, I want to bring along something that will put a smile on my face! TJ Maxx and Marshalls have a great selection of umbrellas!


Umbrellas and rain jackets aren't the only gear in my spring wardrobe. Wellies are an integral part of it as well. I got my first pair of rain boots a few years back and I'm not sure what took me so long. I now have two pairs...and may even add a third to my collection. Haha!

And if wellies aren't your thing, you could always pick up a pair of galoshes like those from Go Go Golosh. They go on right over your shoes and come in fun colors like Pinky Belle, Blue Belle,Violet Belle and Rusty Belle. Plus, they're perfect for working girls that don't want to have to switch out their foot candy. I just flashed to the opening scene of Baby Boom. You know...The one with all the women in New York rockin' their sneakers on the way to work? Anyone else? No? Crickets...Haha!

Stay dry lovelies!

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