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I'd never tried Spanx before they offered to send me a trial pair this year. I'm all for reclaiming your post-baby body through diet and exercise. But even after hours of pilates and a clean diet, my tummy does not resemble how it looked pre-babies.

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They've been around since 2000 when owner Sara Blakely started selling her shapely solution to the masses. Since then Spanx have expanded to includeapparel, bras and hosiery--all aimed to keep your tummy and other mommy bits in line.

Why did I wait so long? I never wanted to feel girdled or corseted--that is how I viewed the Spanx before I tried them. Now that I've slipped on the Spanx Power panties($30), I have to say I see see their value. My dresses look smooth and svelte, no weird bumps or panty lines thanks to Spanx. The package includes instructions which seems a little horrifying (underwear with instructions--yikes!). But the information makes sense and on my first try I slipped the garment on with ease. I wore them the first time to a cocktail party and I completely forgot I had them on (except when I had to go to the bathroom of course)--they were extremely comfortable.

On the downside, they are not sexy in the least, and I make sure my husband never gets a look at me in them--let's leave a little mystery and romance in the marriage! Now I'm not saying to give up on eating well and exercise, but I do think Spanx Power Panties are great for special occasions (like your college reunion) where you want to look incredible in your clothes.

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