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Smart Sun Fashion from Coolibar

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Quality sun protection products don't have to be frumpy and boring. Coolibar, a Skin Cancer Foundation recommended brand, is bringing plenty of fashion to the world of sun protective clothing. With summer upon us, it's time to add clothing that performs AND looks stylish.

Coolibar offers sun protective clothing, UV protection swimwear and sun hats that will help protect against the UV rays that cause skin cancer. The Australian brand (c'mon, they know about the harsh rays of the sun there!), is named after a shade tree. And here's the big promise: Every Coolibar clothing product is UPF 50+, 98% UV Protection.

Sunscreen washes off. Sun protective clothing offers non-stop protection. Each fabric is washed at least 40 times and subjected to over 100 hours of UVA/UVB rays. But if the items look hideous, let's face it--you won't wear them!

Bringing fashion into the equation is essential. When you can find the styles, cuts, colors and fabrics that are trendy, flattering and chic, you are 100% more likely to wear sun protective clothing.

At the recent Mom 2.0 Conference in Laguna Niguel, CA I put the Coolibar collection to the test. Let's start at the top. A great hat is a must. We passed a few of these out to friends at the conference, because they are so Sofia Loren-chic and the wide 7.5" brim promises to protect the beautiful faces of our friends.

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All the hats have SUNTECT® fabrics offer a guaranteed Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+ for the life of the garment, blocking 98% or greater of both UVA and UVB rays. Each proprietary SUNTECT® fabric is developed with sun protection as its number one priority. I'm wearing the Shapeable Poolside Sun Hat ($49.50) it's available in ten colors!

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3D dri pro SUNTECT® The super moisture-wicking version of 3D dri SUNTECT®. Our advanced tri-dimensional moisture control grid cools and protects your skin during heated workouts. The pliable polyester spandex knit fabric stretches with your every move. I'm showing off the Quarter Zip Long Sleeve Fitness Pullover ($49.50). This lightweight top was perfect for my 10-mile run along the coast. The sun was shining bright on the run. While I am not one to burn, I am concerned about the non-visible effects of the sun. Plus, who wants ugly age spots!

The fabric is incredibly breathable. The ZnO pro SUNTECT® fabric blends cotton with a moisture-wicking polyester fiber to improve performance in hot, humid conditions where the propensity to sweat is high.

Dressing up and staying protected is also easy. Check out this Aqua Dress ($89.50) featured at the top with aqua SUNTECT®. It's a super-light, knit polyester fabric. It makes a super cover-up and an even better dress for lunch in the sun. This lively print was a big hit at the conference. And it packs so beautifully. The dress was so cute, I decided to wear it to the big opening night party. Now that's fashion that works for moms!

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Coolibar was as sponsor of the #StyleSuite in California

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