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We're peeved at Skechers for tartgeting tweens with their shape-up shoes. And we're weary of all the other mighty slick branding for our precious in-between girls. Thanks to Sol, an online boutique for 'tweens at, there's an alternative. Started by a Brooklyn Mom, this site has all the fashion and fun with none of the sluttiness and provocativeness that so many fashion labels use to target girls (just take a walk through the Juniors section of Bloomingdales and you will be horrified).

Sol provides clutter-free style on a fun, elegant site. The curated fashions are available for girls 8 to 14. You can really build a wardrobe here from special occasion dresses to accessories. We know it's hard to tackle dressing girls in age group. We're here to help.

Since swim can be particularly dicey, check out this collection from MoHao, the swimsuit line Salome (the site's owner) distributes and sells online at

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Born in Puerto Rico, MoHao designer Lori Riollano is no stranger to the joys of summer and surf. She has created a line of fun, elegant, and carefully crafted, lined swimsuits she has called them MoHao - a play on the word "mojado" or "wet" in Spanish. By switching the letter "j" to an "H," Lori also plays homage to the exotic islands of Hawaii, which evokes the love of water in the Pacific as much as Puerto Rico does in the Atlantic. We say, enjoy the waves - and look good while at it.


We love the water short to pull on over s swimsuit and the bold pucci-esque patterns. Sophisticated but not too grown-up. Just right. Skechers take note.

Momtrends is proud to be sponsored by Sol.

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