Shoe Reviews: Pediped & Eleven

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Since we are taking a wee break from green editorial tonight and talking about fashion (a somewhat guilty pleasure), let's talk shoes. I've been treated to reviewing two new items that I want to share.

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Eleven is a somewhat new brand to me. I won a pair in a contest and got to check out the styling. Impressive. The logo "Shoes for Little Travelers" fits our lifestyle to a tee. I adore the pink and grey Kasota shoe for my girl. It's such a perfect combination of sporty and girly. Can work with jeans or a dress. And they are very well constructed. NO lose stitching rough edges or bulk--making them ideal for preschoolers who won't tolerate anything that irritates them. ($50) For little dudes, don't miss the Oslo trainer. (sale $25)

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My last note is on Pediped. It hit 90 in NYC this week and out came the new sandals. I put the Giselle on my older daughter and she wore them out of the box, all day long, with no blisters (in the long run, it pays to buy good leather, such as Pediped). She loved the comfort and looks, I adore the leather construction and trendy dots. Everyone is happy. ($39) For mini men, I am suggesting the Harvey. ($32) Here's my take. Put your boys in sandals while you can--soon enough they will have very strong opinions on footwear. They won't fuss over the fit and you'll be so pleased with the style.

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