SAHMs Are Working Moms

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Are you a SAHM? When you spend morning at playground, afternoon at teh doctor and evening doing the car pool shuttle you know all about hard work. From fixing lunches to making booboos better a mom's work is never done. Mom Works tees and accessories celebrate the energy and enthusiasm moms put into running a family.

Don't you hate the question: Do you work? Well duh! Anyone who has kids works. So for all the moms out there without an office and a pay stub I highly recommend treating yourself to one of these tees. At Mom Works they offer camaraderie, fun and recognition for a job well done.

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The red long sleeve version ($28) is ideal to reward the supermom in all of us. The short sleeved tees are packed with upbeat messages. Who needs more negativity! Pull on one of these tees and get back to the job you love doing--taking care of your family.

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