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Purse Must Haves for Fall


Sometimes, I can overload my purse with things. I tend to carry a larger bag because I schlep my laptop everywhere, but recently I've been trying to cut down the clutter. It saves my back muscles and my sanity. Every woman I know has rooted around in her purse to find something and there are easy ways to combat the disorganization. You can divide your essentials into categories: beauty, personal, and professional. Pretty soon you'll see that not everything has to follow you throughout your day.



When it comes to your beauty routine, most likely you are doing your hair and makeup at home. All you really need to carry with you are things to touch up. Make that as easy as possible with a foldable brush that has a mirror, lipgloss, a face misting spray, a rollerball, and a bandaid kit. A misting spray acts as double duty: it sets your makeup and then refreshes you throughout the day. A rollerball instantly makes you feel like you've upgraded from the office to the evening and a brush keeps your tresses tamed. You never know when you'll need a bandaid---transitioning from summer shoes to winter shoes can do damage to your tootsies, so it's always good to keep a kit just in case.


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Let me save you money this winter: BUY A RAIN AND STAIN REPELLENT. Seriously. This is the best advice I can give you. Spray it on your bags and shoes and coats. You don't have to bring that with you wherever you go, but please please please spray your gorgeous bags and boots with it before you head out into the weather. Bring along some to-go wipes, though. And add in little toothbrushes that have toothpaste beads in the center for easy refreshes.




No one likes to root around in their bag for their business card. First of all, it looks super unprofessional when someone requests your card and you have to dig around your bag of receipts and other things to find a crumpled card. Invest in a case. You can make it fancy if you'd like, but they can be cute and cost a couple of dollars. But have a place for your cards. Please. I've talked about personal location devices before. I added one to my office key which keeps track of my phone. Then if I can't find my key, I can locate it via the app on my phone or computer. Also, a tassel is always a good idea.

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