PocketFlops a Solution for Stylish Moms

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NYC is not made for bystanders. We're movers and shakers--but boy do our feet hurt by the end of the day from all that moving and shaking. Especially if we're wearing heels. Today is a classic example of why PockeFlops can come in handy. I started off at 8:15am walking the girls to school (about 1 mile total). Then I had three meetings scheduled all over Manhattan. And I had to take the kids to swim class. Brutal and total walking mileage was probably about 3 miles.

Not one to let my fashion picks be ruled completely by practicality, I wanted to wear some cute wedge heels today (about 3" high). I was meeting the lovely Debi Mazar at a press lunch (more on that later) and schmoozing with marketers from many brands. I wanted to put the best image forward. Fortunately, I packed my PocketFlops. By the time I got home at 6, I was spent, but the day would have been impossible without my back-up footwear.


PocketFlops ($22) are foldable flip flops that come in a handy carrying pouch. While they are not as sturdy and cushy as my beloved Haviana flip flops, this shoes are idea for a day like today. I slipped them on for drop off and walking between appointments and slipped them into my bag before heading in the door.

These clever sandals are also ideal for your pedicure appointments and we think they make a swell Mother's Day gift. Shop at www.flocdesigns.com

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did get samples.

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