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For classic European clothing, I rely on my friend Carolyn Corely Burgess. Carolyn uses her exquisite taste to keep her customers at outfitted in style. For Fashion Month, I checked in with one my favorite gurus to get her take on fall:

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It seems to me that people (designers and consumers) are refocusing on a more classic aesthetic. What I am seeing to be quite popular now are designs that look like classic adult clothes with just a subtle twist towards youthfulness and simple European silhouettes. Not to take away from the designs themselves in any way, but designers seem to be really focusing their efforts on the fabrics and materials- amazing poplins, supreme cashmeres, rich velvets and silks, crystal and wood, mother of pearl and wood buttons, etc. Oh, and something I love that has made a great appearance for fall/winter- tweed jackets and knickers!

A new line just for boys that I'??m currently obsessed with is babysusuout of New York'?¦and already has a little celeb following. The collection is really congruent and I love all the pieces together and separate. A really adorable outfit is the fitted shirt, the knickers (trying to get a better pic of these) and the wool herringbone jacket. The little tyke jacket (see feature picture)is amazing, it'??s more like a three-quarter length coat.

Baby CZ is always one of my winter favorites. For toddler girls '?? the cashmere cardigan with Swarovski crystal buttons paired with the silk petticoat skirt is unbelievable. For baby girl I'??m loving the classic jumpers and peter pan blouses. I also have a soft spot for the Olivia Jumper. The Baby CZ fall/winter collection all coordinates perfectly which is great for winter family gatherings and holiday cards- the Amelia and Audrey dresses for girls and the boys/baby button downs with the cords and velvet jeans paired with the matching cashmere sweaters.

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Thanks for sharing these picks! And be sure to stop back at Carolyn's site often for new styles.

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