Chic Out of Print Totes and Cool Phone Covers

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I have a Kindle. At first this embarrassed me, like I was whispering some dirty confession in a back alley to a stranger after having too many cocktails. Not that I've ever done that. I can only surmise that how that one must feel based on movies I've seen. Achem.

Now I'm OK with acknowledging my technologically bound way of carrying around my books. It's just easier people. No, I'm not selling out (*gasp* a writer who doesn't carry around an actual book, we must seek and destroy her like the monster she is). I still love books, the way they smell and feel. I love turning actual pages. But let's face it. I'm not going to lug around all four volumes of Game of Thrones. I already go to the gym. I do not need another upper arm exercise.

Chic Out of Print Totes and Cool Phone Covers

But let's not forget the beauty that books possess in their cover art. Some are just as lovely as the words that are within them.

And now you can have those works of art and your Kindle with Out of Print.

out of print

Their totes are great ways to hit the beach (dare I tell you that I carry my Kindle in mine, hypocrite that I am) while showing your literary side through their classic, iconic book cover art. Think The Great Gatsby, Clockwork Orange, Pride & Prejudice (not the one with zombies), and Animal Farm. They're heavyweight cotton canvas and boast an inner pocket and a flat bottom. I kind wished they had a snap to close, but you can't have everything.

They also figured out a way to get books into your conversation (so to speak) with their iPhone cases for 4/4S models. These are works of art themselves, uniquely canvas-wrapped in colorful cover art while maintaining the safety of your phone with a hard plastic shell. They're a collaboration with Speck Designs, so you can only imagine the quality. My favorite is the Great Gatsby, a daunting work from the 1925 first edition cover by Francis Cugat.

And whether you purchase a bag or cover, Out of Print sends one book to a community in need.

I carry my Kindle in my classic book tote and I read on my classic book-covered iPhone. Now if I can just figure out how to get them both to sport that old book musty smell. Maybe there's app for that.

Out of Print phone covers are available for $35 and the totes are ($18) at

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