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Nursing and Pumping Bra by The Dairy Fairy

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It is hard to imagine that my daughter is going to be here in 10 short weeks. I have yet to get everything ready and finalized but one thing I know for sure, is that I hope to breastfeed her. I nursed my other two children but the one thing I always dreaded was the pumping. Especially with my first born, I pumped all the time, because that what they tell you to do...right? I remember having to strip my clothes to put on my "pumping" bra just so I can pump both breasts at the same time. I have always thought there must be an easier and more chic way to do this rather than feel like a cow. And now there is with The Dairy Fairy nursing bra.

The dairy fairy bra

The Dairy Fairy is a hands-free pumping bra, nursing bra, and a bra that supports breastfeeding on one side and pumping on the other. With the beautiful Arden nursing bra, moms can happily and beautifully provide milk to their little ones. The Arden nursing bra allows you to pump hands-free, using a layer that provides a tight fit for a breast shield and fold down nursing panel so baby can have easy and complete access to the breast. The Arden bra is compatible with all popular breast pump makes and models. The innovative cross over design allows you to adjust the fit to your changing fullness level, create cleavage, and remind you which breast was last used. The bra also has adjustable back straps that can be crossed for a racerback option. What I love most about The Dairy Fairy is the sexy and appealing design, that complements a woman'??s figure, with feminine touches of lace trim with a superior fit and comfort.

The Dairy Fairy Nursing Bra is available in black, nude, heather grey and jade sized extra small to extra large. Retails price is $68. For more information visit

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