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In another life, otherwise known as pre me, my husband was a professional baseball player. We met shortly after he retired so, unfortunately, I never got to see him play. What I have seen in spades, however, is his desire for competition. He might not get paid to compete anymore, but that doesn't mean he doesn't still live for the adrenaline rush that comes from beating someone...even if it's himself. Haha! So, you can imagine how much workout wear comes through our house.

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These days you'll most often find him trying to beat his marathon personal record. He's running the Chicago Marathon in October in hopes to qualify for the Boston Marathon. All that competitive edge that was once focused on the ball field has been channeled into running. That means he goes through a LOT of workout wear. As a daily runner it seems like we're forever having to pick him up new gear.

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Now I fully support his desire to compete, but I'm not looking to spend our savings on said gear. Haha! So, I love it when we can find running wear that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Take the MSX by Michael Strahan collection at JCPenney for instance. Not only are its pieces budget friendly, but they're just what he wants in terms of fit and function. He is quite particular about what he runs in, so I was thrilled when this short-sleeve tee and four-way stretch shorts made the cut. The quick-dry technology found in both of them is perfect for our climate here in the sunshine state and makes for a more comfortable run!

So, if your honey is in need of new workout wear too, I highly suggest you head to JCPenney to update his wardrobe for a song!

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