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Maya Brenner combines geography and fashion in a cool way. True story: I moved from State A to State B between 4th and 5th grade. In A, they learned the US map in 5th grade. In State B, they learned it in 4th grade. You see my dilemma. I missed them both. The result: I'm clueless about most states. I can name them all, but have no idea where they are, their shapes, or their capitols.

Since it's sharing time, I'll also let you know that I can't wait for my daughter to get to whatever grade they learn it here (in State C). Then I can learn them along with her. Until then, I'll be happy to just know a few states and where they are on the map.

Luckily, helping me along with at least the shape of things, are the Signature State necklaces from Maya Brenner Designs. They have all 50 states in darling pendants--most of which I can't figure out what state they are, but I'm assured by more knowledgeable people than myself that they are indeed the correct shapes.

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Available in 14K gold and silver, with or without a diamond, she's captured the eyes (and necks) of celebrities like Eva Longoria and Katy Perry with this dainty and feminine collection that harkens back to the days of ID necklaces. Ranging from $130 to $300, these states are simple outlines and the perfect way to show hometown pride without succumbing to things like face painting, state flag jerseys or a constant flow of sports team logos. You can even pave your with pavé diamond pendants, much pricier than the others at around $1,000.

This Los Angeles jewelry designer and busy mom of two gets the gold star for her gold and silver homages to the U.S. I, however, will have to wait on mine. No gold stars until I at least know more than where the Lone Star is.

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