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Maternity Maven - Second Trimester Style

Maternity fashion has come a long way. This is my third spin into the the dance of dressing a bump. A few weeks ago, I entered the second trimester of my third pregnancy. As my morning sickness subsides and the weeks continue to roll by, the reality that this baby boy is actually coming is truly setting in. My four and six year old daughters are giddy at the idea of a real live babydoll to play "house" with, and my husband is thrilled at the thought of a male teammate amongst all of us girls. For my part, I am having fun enjoying it this time around. My first pregnancy was full of all the typical first time mom questions and concerns, and my second one was so close to the first that it was a total blur. This time, I am really trying to relish it.

Rosie Pope Maternity Dress

While the emotional excitement surrounding our baby has been wonderful and special and incredible, some of the physical aspects of number three have been, well, not quite as awesome.For example, the heat.Both of my daughters were born in the spring.Which means I spent the majority of my pregnancies in the cold and cozy fall and winter.Right now I am only seventeen weeks and it is only late June and I am literally melting.The thought of July and August is incomprehensible.

Rosie Pope Maternity Dress

This is why I am SO relieved to have found Rosie Pope Maternity.The Camille Dress in ice blue was a lifesaver in the sweltering NYC heat last week.The off-the-shoulder neckline makes me feel like I can actually breathe in the excruciating humidity.And I absolutely love the lightweight cotton material and look forward to wearing this on a weekly basis (or maybe more!) this summer.Added bonus: If you happen to be pregnant at a different time of year, I think that the dress would also work really well immediately post-baby as it has a lot of room to hide a shrinking belly. And it

Maternity Dress Rosie Pope Neckline

The Elizabeth Romper is another Rosie Pope maternity outfit that is super cute and very breathable.I have to admit that at first I wasn’t sure how flattering the romper would be with a belly and short shorts.But it works! And it will be a staple for everything from camp dropoff to park excursions.Added bonus here: my husband loves it!

Momtrends Rosie Pope Maternity
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Maternity Romper Rosie Pope

The final amazing part about Rosie Pope is the price.These outfits are a splurge above basic maternity options but honestly you feel like you are wearing designer clothing.

Maternity Romper Rosie Pope

Another gift that the NYC heat often gives to pregnant women is melasma, affectionately known as pregnancy mask.For me, it held off with my first pregnancy, crept up on my second one, and is back with a vengeance for the third.Dermatologists recommend wearing a wide-brimmed hat and a really solid sunblock to prevent melasma on the face.Belli Pure Radiance Facial Sunscreen is luxurious and mineral based, with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. I love that it is OBGYN approved and also that it is tinted!

Maternity Sunscreen Malasma

As I move through the remainder of my second trimester and approach the third, I look forward to trying to stay in the moment. I appreciate the fact that I have been through this twice before and I know what is coming.The maternity fashion options, beauty products and gear may have changed and expanded in the past four years, but the feeling of awe that a new baby is going to join our family in November is wonderfully familiar.

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