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I recently came across a wonderful maternity website called Fourth Love. The luxe clothing and styles Fourth Love offers were incredible and I instantly fell in love. Even though I am no longer pregnant, six weeks out to be exact, I'm not quite yet back into my non pregnancy clothes. Fourth Love is clothing that can be worn during and after pregnancy. I had a chance to sample two silhouettes and both complimented my figure and didn't make me feel as though I was wearing a maternity top. The quality of the fabrics were super luxe and comfy, a must for maternity wear.

Momtrends also had the chance to speak with owner Susan Cho to learn more about Fourth Love brand and how they also donate 10% of their profits to help others including new expectant mothers and children.

Momtrends: Tell us when and how Fourth Love started?

Susan Cho: For a few years now, I have been looking to leave the corporate world and pursue a more flexible career which would allow me to work but also spend more time with my family. It was only last year during my second pregnancy that I realized there was a big opportunity in the maternity wear space. I decided to combine my corporate experience with my family's fashion background, and create a clothing line of high quality pieces that effortlessly take women of most shapes through every stage of pregnancy and beyond.

Momtrends: Why the name fourth love? 

Susan: Fourth Love was inspired by C.S. Lewis' book The Four Loves. Lewis talks about the different types of love that we may experience in our lifetime. In simply chronological order, my children are my Fourth Love and hence the name.

Momtrends: The pieces are so yummy? What fabrics are you using in the collection?

Susan: The core of our line is built around high quality knit jerseys and premium cotton for the shirts. Our fabrics are very soft, and have a mid-light weight. As moms, we are very active, and need clothing that move with our new shape but are also comfortable and stylish.

Momtrends: Right now spring just launched on the site, how many seasons will you be producing?

Susan: It is a very exciting time for us. Since we launched our Spring collection, we have received very positive response. We are creating a summer collection and quickly putting together our fall-winter line. The great part of our clothing is that a lot of them can be worn year-round paired with other regular pieces and more seasonal accessories. So you will not see some of our best-sellers go away just yet.

Momtrends: What can we except in the months to come from Fourth Moms?

Susan: Re: colors, styles, silhouettes.Fourth Love is all about versatility, comfort and quality. It is versatile because you can wear our clothing in different ways; dress up with kitten heels or down with flip-flops. We will continue to build our collections around all these same principles so expectant moms and new moms can feel great in our fluid silhouettes and drapery.

Momtrends: Is fourth love exclusively sold on the site or will it be in boutiques?

Susan:Right now, Fourth Love is only available online at our site We are working with a few partners to distribute our collection in a few boutiques in the NYC tri-state area but probably available in the next few months.

Momtrends: We think it is amazing you are donating 10% of your profits towards charities. Can you tell us more about that?

Susan: Fourth Love stands for Celebrate, Nurture and Give. We believe there is nothing more beautiful than giving back to those in need. One of the organizations that we are partnering up with is Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies They are a US-based non-profit organization that provides pre-natal care and information to more disadvantaged expectant women. Pre-natal care is such a vital part of the pregnancy so our hope is to deliver more health equity in our country with various programs that they offer today.

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Momtrends was not compensated for this post but did receive samples.

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