Lisse Leggings

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Leggings are likely a wardrobe staple for you. But are you wearing a pair that shows you in your best light? I've been testing (um, I mean wearing these everywhere) for about a month now and am completely won over.

The leggings are so well-constructed. They tuck in the tummy without creating a roll or muffin top. The weight can be worn for most of the year (might be too heavy for summer) and they don't have that shiny look that can make other pairs appear cheap.

I'm wearing the Tight Ankle Legging ($58). This comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Expect to look about 5 lbs thinner with these on.

My one complaint? The website. It's not nearly as classy as the leggings. I know they want to come across as revolutionary, but they don't need an infomercial to sell these. The styling will do the work. And egads, please don't show all the models in stilettos. This is their styling:


Seriously, please look beyond the styling and know you will look fabulous in these leggings. Shop at

Disclosure: Um, obviously I was not paid for this post or I would be in big trouble. I did get a pair to try and I am not giving them back.

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