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Lendperk is a new fashion service that I just fell in love with. The concept is one with which you may or may not be familiar. Lendperk is an online service that allows you to rent the latest looks without having the hassle of shopping, or spending a fortune. With Lendperk, you simply sign up for the monthly service fee, and you order your first dress. Choose from brands like BB Dakota, Anthropologie, and JCrew from their latest trends and stylish designs. For one monthly fee you can rent as many dresses as you wish, simply send back one and order another!

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Lendperk provide you with a prepaid postage package, all you do is stick the worn dress item (no cleaning necessary!) into the package and viola, fashion at your fingertips!

The dresses I received were clean, in new condition and arrived promptly. I had a positive experience both times I used the service and found the customer service, friendly and willing to answer any questions I had, and quite patient.

The dress selection is fair and grows every time I click on the site. Lendperk has a lot to offer and I certainly a service I would use again. I love that I could Paypal and that free shipping and returns standard for every order. I was so happy with one of the dresses I had ordered that I actually purchased it from Modcloth. While I rented it, I had worn it on three occasions! The other dress I simply adored (so retro I Love Lucy), but it didn't flatter my figure and didn't fit quite like I wanted it to. I was so happy that I had "rented" it first on Lendperk and tried it out. Lendperk let me "try" it out and now I don't have another ill-fitting item in my closet that I will never wear!

TOP reasons I would recommend Lendperk:

  1. You can indulge in the latest fashions without the high price tags.
  2. You can save time on shopping.
  3. It is "green" because you're borrowing dresses, not consuming them.
  4. If you're in between sizes and don't want to commit to size, this opens the doors to many fashionable items without the committment.

The only drawback I can see, and this has more to do with inventory than anything, is the limited number of sizes. Most dresses come in sizes that max out at size 8 or 10.

lendperk, simpson dress, polka dot dress, retro dress

lendperk, simpson dress, polka dot dress, retro dress

Visit Lendperk.com for more information on how you can rent the latest fashions without ever leaving your couch!

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Momtrends was not compensated for this post. We were given a free trial membership for the purposes of this review.

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