Kiddie Style Tips


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While we may drool over designer silk Christening gowns and stare lovingly at cable-knit cashmere sweaters for boys, in our real world that involves crayons, sidewalk chalk, juice boxes and ketchup (oh, lots of ketchup), we need fashion solutions that not only look fabulous, but can also be tossed into the wash without a prayer that everything will work out.

That my friends, is why we sprinkle in the high-end stuff judiciously for the little people. We're all about mixing the labels and showing off our flare. When it comes to outfitting our tots in style we've got a few hard and fast rules:

Life shouldn't be an itch: Scratchy fabrics, not matter how dashing, are a no-no. Stiff dress shirts for boys are a form of torture. Rub the fabric along the inside of your wrist. It if irritates you DO NOT BUY IT.
Live in the now: Shopping seasons (perhaps years) ahead, may seem wise in the heat of the moment at a great sale. We beg to differ. Many of this loot will end up squirreled away somewhere never to be found when you tot turns 3 and is ready for the 60% Easter dress your purchased two years ago. Buying an end-of-season winter coat is savvy shopping, but don't go hog wild. City moms especially need to heed this warning--otherwise your stuff may soon take over the nursery.
Easy pleasy: Buttons, zippers and tabs may look swell in pictures, but if you want to foster independence in your child (and actually get your husband to dress the kiddos) opt for ease of use. Elastic, snaps and velcro rule for everyday fashion.
Democracy in action: If you're brave enough to shop with your tots enlist their help. Line up 2-3 options of dresses and let your pint-sized fashionista pick her favorite--we assure you getting her to wear said dress will be a lot easier! Same rule goes for getting dressed in the morning. Give your little man a "Project Runway" of his own by letting him pair his own top and bottom from a few edited options. It's never too early to teach your brood style.

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