Joya Shoe Review


We took Joya shoes for a super road test. I went walking with a friend of mine the other day. A nice stroll with our kids in strollers. This dear friend doesn'??t drive, so she walks everywhere. I mean, everywhere. She has worn out the walking system on Google Maps.

So instead of a park close to her house, she suggested one in an adjacent towns. One I would otherwise drive to. No matter. It was a nice day. I work out. I was up for it. Too bad my sandals weren'??t. I felt every single pound on the pavement by the time we were there.

There'??s a new revolutionary shoe line called Joya from Swiss shoe developer Karl Mueller Jr. that brings a comfort footwear to both men and women. Wish I had these around mile 2.

Joya'??s shoes have a lotta soul. No really. They do. That'??s why they're so comfortable. They have Joya'??s Sole Technology--four layers of cushy love with a patented active air pump so you'??re walking on the softest shoe you could imagine. Seriously, it'??s like they strapped marshmallows to the bottoms of your feet. I believe I might have gasped when I took my first step. They resemble those heavy sloped workout shoes that claim to tone your butt, but you'??re walking effortlessly instead of clunking. They also have a million adjustable straps, so these puppies will fit anyone'??s dogs.

Now I won'??t lie. You might be walking on air, but you'??re also walking that fine tightwire between fashion and function'?¦and you'??re falling off that wire, darling fashionistas. These aren'??t that stylish. I thought choosing the Cairo sandal in black (seen above) might make it look less like a nurse'??s shoe and it did. But there will be no gallivanting through the chicest part of town in these. They'??re more casual with jeans or cargo capris. Hey, wait'?¦that actually does sound sort of stylish. Not every sense of style needs to be Carrie Bradshaw chic, right?

With how comfortable they are, who cares? This is where I insert a cheesy pun like '??they'??re still a Joy-a to wear'?'?¦Cheesy but true.

The Women'??s Cairo sandal is available at for $195. Visit for store locations near you.

Cheryl Fenton is a Boston-based freelance writer, who writes beauty, fashion and fitness for Boston Common, Stuff and Glamour magazines, as well as her own was not paid for this post. We did get samples.

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