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You know how much I love my BB creams. Acting as everything from moisturizers to SPF to tints, they take all-in-one to the next level.

Jia Collection
jia Collage

Let’s just say I’ve found my BB cream of fashion--the Jia Collection.

Sure, I’m late the table. Oprah has already oohed and aahed over Jia’s six-way coat. But better late than never, right?

This line of convertible dresses and tops (there's even a skirt) takes the pressure off of wardrobe mix-and-match. Think packing up for vacations where you have a big itinerary but a small suitcase. Or an evening out after work, minus the stop home. You can turn casual cardigans into shimmery dresses, flip tops to make them long or short, and of course they all have a reversible aspect. Consider these the Jekyll & Hyde of your closet, with each item giving you two, three and sometimes even four ways to wear it.

Her three-way Dominika poncho is quite genius, in a gold yarn with a subtle metallic sheen. It can be worn as a cropped long-sleeve poncho with a chic boat neck or as a long poncho with V neck, depending on how you flip it.

My favorite is the Clara, a sweet little number shown above. This is a reversible and convertible four-in-one look that goes from zip-up cardigan to short dress in two seconds. OK, longer than that. Maybe four seconds. There are two patterns from which to choose - a timeless nautical navy and white stripe and a shimmering gold that adds opulence (read: the only nautical thing I'm doing is lounging on a yacht with champagne). Regardless of which of the four (four!) options you choose, the weight is light enough for a spring day or a summer evening. The casual blue is perfect for the office, then turn it inside out for a dress you can accessorize for a party, date night or GNO.

Throughout the Jia Collection are little brilliant touches that make the convertible not so obvious--things like a lack of tags, hidden two-way zippers and seams that act as part of the pattern (there's a nice blue accent on the golden side of the Clara that's actually the reverse seam...shhhhh...don't tell).

Although the price points are a little high (my Clara dress/cardi is $530), think of it as actually purchasing four pieces. And a little piece of what-am-I-going-to-wear mind. Because as we know, that itself is priceless.

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