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It's National Bra-Fit Styling Month at Intimacy

I am not very proud of my bra drawer... There are raggedy undergarments that probably date back to my college years in there. (I can’t believe I actually admitted that, but—what the heck—we’re all friends here!) Truth is: I’m long overdue for a major underwear overhaul. Fresh bras and modern styles—in the right size, for a change!

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Lucky for me, March is National Bra Fit Styling Month—as declared by luxury lingerie retailer, Intimacy—and I was invited to the brand’s Fifth Avenue store to experience a bra fitting with an expert stylist.


I entered Intimacy's beautiful New York City boutique and was immediately greeted by a friendly sales associate. She handed me a bottle of water and promptly went to fetch Lisa, my stylist for the day. (For the record, I now refer to Lisa as the “bra whisperer.”)

Lisa took me behind the silver-beaded gate to a private changing area. She asked me a few questions and examined the bra I was wearing. It should be noted that Intimacy stylists don’t use a measuring tape. Rather, they "size by eye;" and Lisa was able to determine my size with a quick glance and a few strap tugs... So when she said “34 E” (again, can’t believe I shared that), I was floored. “I’m a 34 C,” I thought to myself. But then I tried on the multiple bra styles, cuts, and brands she brought into the room... and, once again, I was shocked and amazed—these bras fit phenomenally. They totally changed the overall look of my body. And when I tried them on under a shirt—wow!


Lisa explained to me why it’s so important to wear a properly fitted bra. Not only does it enhance the look of clothes, it can also prevent breast sagging and harm. A woman’s body changes more than six times throughout her lifetime–so it’s important her bra keeps up with her ever-evolving physique. As a nursing mom, my body has most definitely gone through changes these past few months—so this fitting couldn’t have come at a better time. And I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous lacy bra that also fits like a dream!

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The experience at Intimacy is incredibly unique and special. My stylist was extremely competent and kind, and I felt comfortable in her very capable hands. If you are in need of a bra makeover (like I was), I highly recommend a trip to your local Intimacy. As an added feel-good bonus: Intimacy has partnered with Free the Girls, an organization that gives donated bras to survivors of sex trafficking to sell in their communities. Donate a bra in March, and you’ll receive a free bra fit styling session. It's a great incentive for an even better cause.


Momtrends was not paid for this post. We were given a complimentary fitting appointment and bra for review.


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