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For the past several months, we have been part of the Vanity Fair Lingerie Who Do program. Along with a team of fellow fabulous bloggers, we have been spreading Vanity Fair Lingerie’s message of celebrating women’s everyday triumphs. I have also had such a blast sharing my favorite Vanity Fair lingerie pieces with you, as well as details on the Women Who Do program which focuses on uplifting and celebrating strong women.

As the program comes to a close, I thought now would be a great time to talk a little about a woman who inspires me with every step she takes. And that woman is my mom. She definitely fits the “Women Who Do” bill! For most of my life, she raised my sister and I alone, all the while building a flourishing career. Sure, she’s an executive who’s shown me just how possible it is for us ladies to climb the corporate , but more importantly, she’s shown me how to be a loving and supportive mother. If I can show my kids half the amount of love that she’s shown me, they’ll be so ahead of the game!


Now along with her drive, I also inherited my mom’s love of fashion. One of the most important parts of a fashionable outfit is what a girl wears underneath. Properly fitting undergarments make such a difference with how I look and feel. The smoothing and lifting properties they provide can completely transform an ensemble! That’s what my Vanity Fair lingerie pieces have done for me. They have transformed my wardrobe. I can now wear a formfitting top, for instance, with complete confidence. And that feeling is priceless....As is the inner confidence my mom helped instill in me. Thanks to her and Vanity Fair Lingerie I can fearlessly take on any challenge my day throws at me!

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Disclosure: We were compensated for this post, but the opinions expressed are our own.

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