How to Wear the White on White Look from Allegiant


If you had asked me a year ago if young adult fiction was for me, I would have laughed. I mean I’m far from a teenager...How would characters written for them resonate with me, a mom in her thirties? Well, the joke’s on me. Here I am, anxiously relating the March 18th release of THE DIVERGENT SERIES: ALLEGIANT, the third installment of Divergent series franchise. You see, one lazy afternoon, not so long ago, I was looking for something to watch and saw that Divergent, the first film based on the YA series, was on. I was skeptical, but being that there was little else that appealed to me on at the time, I gave it a whirl. Less than a couple hours later, I was hooked. I immediately ran out and bought the entire Divergent Series and binge read the books in no time flat.


Sure the protagonist, Tris, starts out as an unsure sixteen year old girl, but through the course of the stories you see her transform into a self assured, seriously strong woman who will do anything for those she loves. What mom couldn’t related to that? We’ve all been through our own personal transformation and probably wish we had a little more Tris in us at times. In fact, I have more of her in me now than I did when I was younger, so I think I was introduced to this serious at the perfect time. Her character definitely struck a chord with me. So much so that I was deflated when I knew the story had come to an end….Thank goodness for cinematic magic!


Often times when a book I love has been brought to the big screen, I’ve been disappointed with the result. It can be so hard to truly capture the essence of a book on the big screen. That hasn’t been the case for me when it comes to the Divergent series. I loved Insurgent as much as I loved Divergent and, as I mentioned, I’m waiting on pins and needles to see THE DIVERGENT SERIES: ALLEGIANT. Shailene Woodley is a big part of that. The casting couldn’t have been more perfect in my opinion. She definitely did our beloved protagonist, Tris, justice. And the costume design didn’t hurt either. Haha! This fashion lovin’ gal can’t get enough of the sneak peeks I’ve seen of Tris rockin’ fierce monochromatic looks. White on white can be tough to wear, but Shailene made me want to give it a whirl…

espadrille sneakers

I settled on distressed white skinnies, espadrille sneakers and an open stitch sweater for my “get the look” outfit...It’s the perfect comfy casual ensemble to welcome spring with...and you know fight to save the world in if that happens to come up. BWAH!

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