How to Wear Statement Flats


You've heard about statement bags, statement necklaces...and I bet you even have a pair of statement heels or two, but what about statement flats? You can make just as bold a statement with a fabulous pair of flats as you can with a smokin' pair of heels! My favorite statement flats, for instance, are a pair of ruby red Salvatore Ferragamo Varas (the next color I want is a lovely lavender, but I digress)...Ok, they aren't technically flats, but the stacked heel is so small, they're flats in my book. I call my favorite flats my Dorothy shoes, resemblance to ruby slippers and all, and they make me happy every single time I put them on. They just elevate my looks to a whole other level.


That's what you want when you're shopping for statement pieces. Do they have the ability to completely transform an outfit? If so, they're statement makers! And if they instantly put a smile on your face, you've hit a home run! Every girl needs a few statement pieces in her wardrobe that she can turn to in a pinch. I know that if I don't have much time to get ready, I can grab a pair of jeans, a plain old tee and my trusty Varas and I'll feel just fabulous!


As you can see, the look I styled with my ruby slippers was very simple. Boyfriend jeans, a tribal print tank and a leather jacket are all go-to pieces in my wardrobe, and great staples, they just aren't extraordinarily exciting on their own. It's amazing what a fun color like cherry red can do for my every day pieces!

So, what's your favorite statement piece? Do you have a fun pair of flats in your closet?

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