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How to Style a Bomber Jacket

Style a Bomber Jacket

I took this style challenge on the road--all the way to Austin, Texas. I have had my eye on a bomber jacket for a while and wanted to put together a style guide for you: How to Style a Bomber Jacket!

At first I thought the look might not be so great on women over 25, but I am so glad I tried it out. Bombers are a great way to layer your look for the cooler temps. I love the little bit of shine they have -- making them casual and dressy at the same time.

Since this is a trend that might not be around forever, I was happy to pick it up from a new website called Wren Jacket" target="_blank">Sedona East. Here's good news--everything on the site is under $250 and most items are much, much less expensive.


The Wren Jacket" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Windbreaker + Bomber jacket is just $49 (so go ahead and feel free to embark on this trend without regret). I loved the gold zipper accents and the shine.

Style a Bomber Jacket

Since I'm not known to embrace too many trends at once, I wanted to make this more classic. I added my Ralph Lauren silver boots and a great suede skirt.

Are you ready for the skirt price? Yep, just $49 and it's vegan leather. Also from Sedona East, this Gold Dust Maxi Skirt" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">suede maxi skirt is a great length. You control the buttons--how high you unbutton will determine how fast you can walk. I thought it looked great by this airstream in Austin--they sure do love their street trucks there!

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Austin has a funky/indy vibe. To fit in, I threw on a print t-shirt and a cool wooden tooth necklace (the Groovy Zen Necklace from and black cuff -- both from Shiny Mix. Everything on that site is really affordable--maybe that's the theme of this post. Affordable, wearable and fun.


Style a Bomber Jacket

1. Skip the mini skirt if you're over 25
2. One shiny piece is enough--keep the other textures more tame.
3. Think fun and funky with accessories
4. Don't spend more than $75 on this item!

All photos by he's a great local photographer that shot these with his adorable son by his side. A total dad boss and a great photographer if you need a shoot.


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