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How to Size Your Bra

Ever since I started wearing a bra, I was convinced that there was something just not so great about it. I couldn't exactly pinpoint why I hated them so much, but I certainly wasn't comfortable. Was it initial awkwardness? Was there a size issue? When I left the nest and started buying my own clothes and underwear, I felt too embarrassed to get properly sized. So, I just skimmed catalogues and bought what I thought looked functional and cute. Never did I ever think that the wrong size bra could be damaging. Lesson learned after I visited the Panache showroom here in NYC.

After my meet and great with Panache consultant Kay-Lin, I was shown through aisles and boxes of assorted lingerie. Coming right off of a fashion event, there were all sorts of styles and sizes abound. Organized chaos, it was! After Kay-Lin assessed my, ahem, assets, she informed me that I was wearing the completely incorrect size. I had assumed after some trial and error that I was a 34C. She measured and told me I was actually a 36FF. At first, that felt utterly shocking. It sounded so big! I'm not that big! Wait. Am I? The size of your bra is not just about the size of your bust. It's also about how it fastens, where the straps lie, and the size of your torso.


I was always told to fasten the hook on the tightest setting since bras stretch out. That's actually opposite. (Duh, now that I think about it). When you're looking for the right bra, the hook and eye should be fastened comfortably on the loosest setting to allow for adjustment as the band stretches due to wear. You should feel the support but it shouldn't be cutting off circulation. Next you should bend forward and make sure the wires are positioned under the bust. You should then stand upright and move the breast from the underarm if necessary so that it is inside the wire. Your breast tissue begins further back than you think and if the whole boob isn't in the cup, the bra isn't doing it's job. You might have back pain if you're not wearing your bra correctly. Then you should adjust the straps so that they are firm, but not too tight. You shouldn't be able to pull the strap up to your earlobes. Lift your arms and check that the bra stays in place. If there are bulges or creases, you need to move to the next size up.


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I love Panache because the styles are flattering and you feel comfortable wearing them. Definitely check out their site and find where you can purchase at a shop or online. They even have an incredible sports selection. Did you know that 44% of women don't even wear sports bras when they're working out? The Panache sports collection helps reduce bounce and encapsulates the breast instead of compressing it. Support those busts ladies!

Be sure to take a look at their inspirational photos and stories by real models HERE.

This is not a sponsored post. We did receive samples.

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