How to Refresh Your Lingerie Drawer


Are you guilty of wearing the same old t-shirts to bed night after night or even...gasp...the same old bras and panties for years on end? Let Valentine's Day be the inspiration you need to clean out your lingerie drawer. It's time to freshen things up by adding some pretty new pieces to your collection. I've always found that even if I'm only rockin' yoga pants and a tee, I feel great if I have some killer undermentionables on underneath them!

Now this doesn't mean have to toss your favorite comfy jammies...unless they have holes of course. That's where I draw the line. Haha! Simply consider switching things up. A girl's lingerie drawer could use a revamp every now and again!

black lingerie

Start by adding a little black to the mix. Nothing's sexier than black. A simple black bra, black lace panties and even some thigh high sheers are the kind of sassy staples you want in your lingerie drawer.

bright lingerie

Then add some color. Neon bright pieces are sweet and youthful. Who doesn't want to feel a bit younger? This girl sure does. Kick those granny panties to the curb and throw on something FUN!

And lace never hurts...As you can probably tell, I'm a sucker for lace...Which leads me to my final lingerie recommendation...


You guessed it...LACE! Ditch your significant other's tees tonight and slip into something lacy. You'll feel fabulously feminine and I'm sure your honey won't complain. Just sayin'. A lace trimmed chemise is a lingerie drawer must have in this girl's book!

So, if you're looking for some fabulous new pieces to add to your own lingerie collection, check out the brands I featured like, Yandy.comMaidenform and DKNY...They all have gorgeous options!

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