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How to Feel Fabulous in Your Swimsuit

This post was sponsored by Target.

Three years ago I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl. Every day since has been nothing short of heaven thanks to her, but, if I’m being honest, each day has also been fraught with my insecurities too. You see, shortly after she was born, I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition. What’s followed has been three long years of different medications, different dosages and many different diet and exercise programs. Losing weight is much harder for me than it once was and, as such, I now have curves that I didn’t have before. Getting used to them has been a difficult journey...Us women tend to be our own toughest critics and I had a hard time accepting that clothes look different on me now. And, unfortunately, that means I’ve also avoided swimsuits and the fun that can come with wearing them. I mean, I went on a tropical vacation with my bestie and only wore a swimsuit once. Ridiculous.


I’ve seen countless viral articles about body acceptance over the past few years and every time I read one, I thought about how this was going to be the year I finally stopped focusing on my body so much, but I never really followed through until this past summer. Our family was on our annual summer vacation and the kids, per the usual, were begging to go swimming. This is the first year that my daughter had actually showed interest in the pool. In the past, she shrieked when we brought her anywhere near it. Haha! And as I watched my husband get ready to take them both on his own without even a second thought – because I simply don’t usually go – I realized how silly I had been. Who was I afraid of being judged by? My husband, who looks at me like I’m the only girl in the world every single day? My kids, who could care less what I look like as long as I have arms to hug them? So I threw on one of my mom’s old swimsuits that she had left at our vacation home and hopped in the pool. You know what? I had a blast! I didn’t think about those extra curves of mine once. Ok, I did wish I had a better fitting swimsuit. Just sayin’.


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This year, I do not plan on rockin’ my mom’s swimwear. Oh no. When vacay time rolls around I’ll be ready with a few killer new suits of my own thanks to Target. Because while the first step to owning your curves is being happy with yourself, the next step is finding a flattering swimsuit that makes you feel even more fabulous! Thankfully, Target has an amazing selection of swimwear. You can find everything from a flirty bikini to a sexy one-piece. I found three, in fact. I went for distinctly different looks, so I would have a suit to fit every mood. They do all have one thing in common though...a pretty neckline. Braided straps here, eyelet ruffles there...It’s all about the details. When you want to draw attention away from your problem areas, draw the eyes somewhere else. Since my problem areas are my midriff and thighs, I went for swimsuits that would draw the eyes up!


And don't forget that fit is king. Don't focus on the size. Focus on the fit! You can even try mixing and matching different tops and bottoms if you're different sizes on the top and bottom. So many of us are! In fact, I know I just scored three suits, but I may have to go back and pick up a mix and match tankini. Haha!

So, if you’re ready to embrace your figure and make a splash in your swimsuit too this year, head over to Target! They even offer free shipping and returns, so you can try everything on in the comfort of your home if you so desire. Find your style @targetstyle.


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