Holiday Fashion Trends for Children

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Purple and gray are going to be hot for kids this Christmas season. Sure we all think about tartan plaid and red taffeta, but why not liven things up a bit this year? I've been seeing pops of these trendy colors all over the place and am warming up to the idea for holiday's why:

    1. Purple is punchy. This festive skirt with purple trim from Janie Jack($38) is party ready. What's more, you'll still be putting your daughter in this long after the tree comes down.
    2. Gray does double duty. I'm loving this Divan argyle sweater ($94) from Jacadi. It's a great-looking design that pairs well with either jeans or flannel slacks. Plus, boys will be tremendously more comfortable in a sweater than a blazer.
    3. Details matter. Nothing ruins a look easier than white gym socks peeking out. Check out this three-pack of socks from Crewcuts ($15.50 for three)--this should get your little man through the holidays in style.
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