Fun Winter Hats for Kids


Do you have trouble getting your kids to wear winter hats? That's one thing that I struggle with. They just don't want to keep them on their heads. And while we do live in Florida, we often take trips to our family's mountain getaway and those trips definitely require full on snow gear. Plus, we also usually get at least a couple pockets of freezing temps in January and February, so whether they like it or not, hats must be worn!


I thought my precious cherubs might be more amenable to said hats if they were fun. I actually found a toasty warm owl hat that my lil' lady bean didn't want to take off even inside the house. So, I think my theory has been officially proven as solid. The only question is...where can one find hats so fun that kids are dying to wear them?


J. Crew Moose Hat / Gap Sherpa Bear Beanie / J. Crew Fur Trapper Hat / J. Crew Animal Hat / J. Crew Hat with Earflaps / J. Crew Fair Isle Hat

I thought you might ask that, so I rounded up a slew of sweet hats that are sure to delight even the most discerning kiddo. I dare him or her to not grin over a fun pom beanie or teddy bear topper!

If you're still in need of winter gear, don't delay. Shops will be stocking spring collections very soon, if they haven't already, and it will be pretty tough to find pieces like these winter hats anywhere. I'm willing to bet, you'll find at least one here that strikes your fancy! I'm partial to poms myself...but that's just because I still want to wear them. Haha!

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