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Avon asked me to round up some of my favorite things for summer. Here's what I came up with. First, the essential Maxi Dress ($29.99). Dressing for summer should be easy. Once-piece dressing fits the bill. Add some sandals and done!

Bright is better in the summer, that goes for jewelry and nail polish. I consider my nails another accessory. The brights from Avon in this collection are a perfect bit of color. For an added fun touch, toss on a few bangles like these faceted ones from Avon ($9.99).

Since Summer means getting outdoors, I'm sharing two of my weapons in the fight against bugs and sun damages. The Skin So Soft Bug Guard has SPF 30 in it and no DEET. It's what the kids wear to camp, and what I wear on runs. Don't stay indoors, just use the right skin products.

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Speaking of skin, you've got to protect your face. A chic hat will do nicely. So will the new Avon Sun Protection 40 for face. Even after a sweaty run, my pores are clear and my eyes don't sting.

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I am a blog ambassador for Avon. I do get a stipend but am not scripted. I get LOTS AND LOTS of Avon products to test and always feature the best of the best.

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