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Once upon a time, this girl rarely wore flats. I'm not exactly tall and I craved the extra height heels gave me. I still do love adding a few extra inches, but that usually only happens on date night or a girls' night out. Now that I'm a busy mama, I've embraced the comfort that flats can provide. Plus, they serve another practical purpose...

I've been known to trip on occasion, so wearing high heels while carrying my kiddos is a no no. My friends don't call me Grace for no reason. Haha! Tell me I'm not the only who is afraid she's going to wipe out while toting a bambino around? Whether I'm as clumsy as I think I am doesn't really matter. I'm not taking any chances with my precious cherubs! So, flats are my footwear of choice most days...I wear boots on the uber cold winter days, but seeing as I live in Florida and we don't exactly have a ton of those days, my flats are in my winter style rotation more often than my boots. They look great with everything from an oversized sweater and skinnies to a boyfriend shirt and leggings.


Now I'm a big believer in having options, so I think every girl needs at least a few pairs of flats. Black is always a good bet and you can use a nude colored snakeskin print and a metallic like gold as neutrals too. Born and Juil offer uber pretty, ergonomic options.

Juli Shoes
Juli Shoes

We are particularly enamored with Juil's non-slip outsole. We love how they are designed with a focus on wellness that is known as “earthing” or “grounding.” This includes their innovative copper “dots” that acts as way to be connected to your body and the earth - creating a state of balance. They also simply feel great and make your feel great while wearing them. This is incredible for moms who are constantly bombarded with toxins and stress who can find a sense of balance right in their shoes. Fashion meets wellness, we know you will love the Juil flats and their stylish sandals.

And if you're looking for something a bit fancier, a little sparkle never hurt anyone. The Mulberry and Izabel Mini-Wedge from the Matt Bernson/Stripes and Sequins collab are perfect for days that you need to wear flats, but want to add something special to your look! Side note...the Izabel Mini-Wedge adds a teeny bit of height if you just can't wrap your brain around completely flat shoes. Haha!

So, have you hung up your heels in favor of flats too lovelies?

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