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Find Your Favorite Fit Sensation with Lululemon

Held tight? Really relaxed? Next-to-naked? Lululemon is on a mission to help you match your workout wear to your ideal fit feeling. Their recently-released engineered sensation collection works to coordinate how you want to feel during your workout with your workout bottoms. So how do you want to feel?

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The new lululemon engineered sensation collection features five different feelings - Held In, Naked, Relaxed, Tight and Hugged. While some of the collections may seem better suited to certain activities, lululemon's goal is more about giving women the feeling they want to have while working out - regardless of your exercise of choice. Each sensation is available in a variety of colors and many offer different styles choices as well, from crop styles and leggings to lululemon's Groove Pants. Here's how to find your perfect fit feeling.


The Held-In line features zoned compression that lets certain muscle groups (abs, hips, bum and thighs) feel more securely supported while allowing other areas of your bottom half to move freely. A combination of seaming and fabric panels helps to create these dual sensations. This collection is great if you like the feeling of support, but hate feeling that your pants are so tight they are practically keeping you from moving.

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The Naked collection doesn't need much explanation. These pants are designed to feel like a second skin, offering gentle overall compression and a buttery soft fabric. To create this feeling, lululemon engineered a brand new fabric called Nulu that has four-way stretch and sweat-wicking to help you get from Down Dog to Warrior III with ease. If you hate the feeling of your workout wear getting in the way of your workout, you'll love getting Naked.


Looking for comfort without the compression? The Relaxed collection is designed to hang away from the body to provide room for your bottom half to move and breathe without constriction. But don't confused relaxed with frumpy. The pants in this line still offer tailoring that make your bottom half look good. The Relaxed line also has the widest array of style choices with options in a variety of color, style and both lululemon's technical and natural fiber fabrics.

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The Tight collection is best suited for those looking for firm compression and full lower body support. Offering more complete support than the Held In, the Tight line is the collections tightest fit - so much so that they recommend bunching them up and pulling them up slowly and deliberately, like you're putting on a pair of nylons. The feeling is one of compression and ultimate muscle support without being constricting. lululemon also relies on a waved hem for this collection in order to help reduce pressure for this tight-fitting style. As an added bonus, this pant in this collection is also reflective!


If you're not sure which fit sensation you want or have bought lululemon's in the past and are just looking for the same feeling you love, choose the Hugged collection which offers lululemon's classic fit. The pants in this collection offer a moderate, consistent level of compression that are just as comfortable on your bike to work as they are in yoga class or at the grocery store. This line also had a wide variety of colors, shapes and styles to choose from.


So what's your favorite fit feeling?

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