Our Favorite Halloween Costume Ideas


Can you believe Halloween is just a couple weeks away? I don't know what's going on in your house, but my kids have been giving me daily countdown updates. Haha! I couldn't forget about Halloween if I tried. Now even though October 31st is one of our favorite days, life can be hectic and this mama has been known to wait until the last minute to get our Halloween costumes together. So, in an effort to inspire myself, and hopefully you, I've rounded up some of our best, and easiest, Halloween costume ideas for both the kiddos AND us 'rents!


Frappuccino costume...Let's start with grown-ups first...If you don't have the energy to put together a full blown costume (raising both hands over here) this is a super cute and easy DIY Halloween costume option. Who doesn't love a Starbucks Frappuccino?! If you're feeling really ambitious, you could rock a Starbucks t-shirt too. Mwah! If you're going the DIY route, you can't miss this post on The Shopping Mama. 


Costumes that double as dress-up...I've always been a fan of buying high quality costumes that I can then add to my kids' dress up chests. They're both very creative and typically get months, if not years of use from their dress up costumes they play with them so much. Chasing Fireflies, for example, is a great destination to find costumes that last! *Tip...Look for discounted costumes after Halloween. It's a great time to stock on next year's sizes!


Have fun with masks...A glitzy mask can instantly dress up any costume! You or your little lady can simply throw on a fun frock and add a mask for an instant costume. I'm partial to this glam black look, but you can work with any color! If you asked my daughter, she would surely go for pink. Haha!

I hope these super easy Halloween costume ideas inspired you to get moving on your family's costume planning! Forget winter...Halloween is coming! Check out some more of our DIY Halloween costumes here!

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