Fashionable Cover-Ups

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We've rounded up some fashionable cover-ups for summer. We know picking out the right swimsuit can be a challenge. But let's not forget the other important piece of poolside fashion--the cover-up. Hit the beach in style with a cover-up that leaves you confident and covered. Our top feature is from Calypso's partnership with Target. This lovely turquoise dress looks great poolside or at a lunch date. ($25.89)

From the Jordan Taylor collection ($74) , this Missonieesque option add plenty of color and print to your summer wardrobe.


Joie has a superb collection of tunics to complement your swimwear.This navy stripe ($198) is modern, yet classic.


If you are after more coverage, this maxi dress from Juicy Couture ($129.99) has plenty of personality while still keeping your assets under wraps.

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