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I've been wearing glasses since the fourth grade. Around the time I turned 13 I begged my mom for contacts because I just couldn't bear wearing glasses anymore. I wish I had known then that specs can be just another fabulous accessory! I've since come to realize that glasses are wicked cool and these days I wear them WAY more than I do my contacts. Plus, the Tina Fey smart look is hot hot hot!

I've turned to Ray-Ban for sunglasses for years now. My trusty Wayfarers have never let me down! If I have a signature look, I would have to say that Ray-Bans are part of it. A couple of years ago, I also started rockin' Ray-Bans glasses in addition to my sunnies. Once I find a brand I love, I'm loyal to the core.


Glasses.com is a great resource for Ray-Bans eyewear. Plus, they offer free lenses. And if you have an...ahem...somewhat strong prescription, you know what a great deal that is! Thanks to Glasses.com, I was able to try out a new pair of Ray-Ban glasses and I decided to go for a bolder look than I have in the past. I've been wanting to try out the nerdy chic look for ages thanks to all the celebs that look so amazing in them. I wasn't sure about them at first because they're so much different than my old frames, but they've definitely grown on me and my hubs just loves them. Men do a love a change don't they? Haha!


Ray-Ban RX5121 / Ray-Ban RX5154 / Ray-Ban RX5150 / Ray-Ban RX 5299 / Ray-Ban RX5310 / Ray-Ban RX7022

I've rounded up some of my favorite Ray-Ban frames at Glasses.com for your shopping pleasure...Whether you've been wanting to try out some nerdy chic frames yourself or something a little more conservative, I've got you covered. Am I the only one And if you're wondering what you would look like in a particular pair of frames, you're in luck. Glasses.com's app allows you to virtually "try on" glasses. How cool is that?

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