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Syncing Your Style: What Newly Expecting Mamas Need

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Syncing Your Style is going to get somewhat of a topic makeover for the next six months or so. Although I'll still be bringing you the latest trends, stylish finds and fashion "how tos," my focus will be on all things Pregnancy. We are expecting our third baby in early December, and I am over the moon. Follow along as I bring you the latest in stylish maternity fashions (YES! they do exist!), hottest baby gear items and share my pregnancy journey with you.


As a newly expecting mama (although, third time around) there are a few items that I feel are "must-haves". Some that bring you comfort and a more natural pregnancy, some connect you with your pregnancy and ALL help keep up your positive attitude when that morning sickness & fatigue kicks you down. 

Mama Lana Box: I was sent a lovely box, from Mama Lana - chock full of goodies to celebrate my new pregnancy. Everything about this subscription service is thoughtful, appropriate and well-chosen. I received the first trimester box and in it were things to build a bond with my growing baby both mentally and physically. Teas and lollipops to help soothe morning sickness (THANK YOU!), Organic lotions to reduce stretch marks, a sweet cap for my baby to be, a day by day informative pregnancy journal ( LOVE this one, my bestie send it to me while I was expecting my middle child and I loved how it showed what was happening every day during my pregnancy), inspirational birth cards and my favorite gift in the box is a handmade, fair trade bracelet with two hearts, one to represent my heart and one to represent my baby's. I have not taken it off since I received it and it has gotten me through some pretty rough patches thus far.

I highly recommend the Mama Lana box as a gift for new mamas to be, or ones about to welcome home their new babe or as a perfect congratulatory gift for yourself. They offer full subscriptions, flexible subscriptions or a one time box for any stage of pregnancy. The gifts were high quality, had a natural focus (I wholly appreciated this!) and were packed tastefully and sweetly but without waste. Each Mama Lana box includes essentials from six categories: mind, body, soul, belly, baby, and bliss. Created by sisters, it is no wonder Mama Lana is all about supporting women: they donate a percentage of every box purchased to Madre - - a nonprofit that advances women's human rights internationally. Learn more at A special offer for all Momtrends' readers, use the "share and save" code that gives 10 dollars off any and every ML order through August 1.

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Belly Armor: I send a lot of time on the computer, with my iPhone and iPad and worry about the radiation these devices emit. I am careful to text when I can, never place a device too close to me and to limit my screen time as much as possible. I also work "off line" when I am able to reduce EMF exposure. Now that I am expecting, I am even more concerned about the possible harms of ambient radiation and how it may affect my growing baby. Belly Armor has put my fears to rest with Belly Band that actually absorbs the EMF radiation and protects both me and my baby. They offer a band that's right for those mamas that are planning a pregnancy, a band for an expanding belly, tees to wear while expecting and even a full blanket that protects your baby pre and postnatal. I love that the belly band is offered in four colors.

The Belly Band is lined with RadiaShield® Fabric, a highly conductive silver textile with the same shielding properties as a 1/4-inch thick sheet of aluminum. It shields by neutralizing incoming electromagnetic waves, canceling out the ambient radiation and reducing your exposure. For tips from Belly Armor with RadiaShield, on reducing your exposure, CLICK HERE.

Glass Water bottles and Glass Straws: You need to stay hydrated while expecting and I make sure that I always have clean water (or organic lemonade!) with me at all times. To ensure I am not contaminating my water with harmful plastic by-products, I use a LifeFactory to-go bottle. I love that I can clean it easily, that it is virtually spill-proof and keep my beverage tasting like it was intended-no aftertaste! my Life Factory bottle is naturally BPA free because the container is entirely glass with a silicone outer protection sleeve. LifeFactory has bottles for every member of your family. I can't wait to get some for "teeny tiny" baby. To read more, CLICK HERE. When I am home, I use glass straws to try to sip my liquids slowly (this helps with nausea). I love the glass straws by Strawesome and Glass Dharma, both are durable, Made in the USA and come in a variety of shapes and lengths.


Clean water is a must for a healthy pregnancy. I drink only filtered water when home but what about when I am out and about? I love the sports bottle water filters I received from GAC filters. GAC (Granulated Activated Carbon) removes chlorine, taste and odor from ordinary tap water. These are perfect for when I have to refill my water bottle when I am out and about. No chemicals for this mama. The filters are 100% biodegradable and I can attest that they work and work well! It's like a filtering "tea bag" for your bottle. One reusable filter cleans up to 50 L of tap water.CLICK HERE to order your GAC filters, enjoy FREE shipping with a minimum $15 purchase.

Prenatal Yoga: I started Yoga as a New Year's Resolution and absolutely loved it. Since my pregnancy began, I have not made it to a class as I just haven't been up to it. A friend let me borrow her Prenatal Yoga DVD and it is wonderful. Shiva Rea is inspirational, calming and does wonders for my soul. I know prenatal Yoga will be instrumental in helping me prepare for my intended natural birth as it emphasizes deep breathing and concentration. I love that it is geared for every stage of pregnancy. The workout keeps my mind focused and is helping me to build strength, stamina, increase my flexibility and helps to maintain my balance. I love that it is offered through Gaiam, makers of eco-friendly workout and lounge wear. You can also check out the variety of Yoga programs offered on "GaiamTV".

Momtrends was not compensated for this post. Some of the above mentioned items were received for review.

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