Expecting Fashion Part I


Here's the post you've been waiting for...how to maintain your personal style during pregnancy. It's all too easy to become a fashion victim during these nine+ months. But it's an easy enough trap to avoid. Maternity wear has never been hotter. To weigh in on the topic, I've gone to the experts. First I spoke with Jennifer Strom Simonte, owner of Belly Dance Maternity. I relied on their West Village, NYC boutique to get me outfitted for special events (they also have stores in Illinois and LA and a virtual store). Without fail, each visit showed me that looking good isn't a monumental effort. Here's what Jennier had to say about achieving a chic pregnancy look:

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Q. What are your tips for MOMTRENDS readers for looking outstanding for a special event?

A. To dress for a special occasion, it is always important to feel comfortable. A simple silhouette is usually best, and you need to decide what kind of neckline best suits you. For example, if you do not feel like flaunting that chest, there are many options that are more subtle. And if you do not like to show your arms, there are many options with sleeves or a wrap is a great option. The important thing to remember is that you need to feel good.

Q. What items do you consider essential for pregnant MOMTRENDS readers?
A. A great pair of designer jeans (we love the Paige Laurel Canyon) that you will wear time and time again. In addition, a pair of basic black pants, such as Noppies or Japanese Weekend, and a stylish tee or two, from a brand like NOM , Michael Stars, or Three Dots, are key. We also always love the little black dress that can be worn to work or play and dressed up or down.

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Q. What some fashion no-nos MOMTRENDS readers should avoid?
A.Even though it is tempting, stay away from styles that are too flowy and far from the body. This tends to make you look bigger. In addition, when expecting, do not overaccessorize. Often moms-to-be do not feel comfortable with their bodies, but overaccessorizing can be unflattering and it is better to focus attention on a simple and stylish outfit.

As for me, here are a few items from Belly Dance I couldn't live without:

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  1. A pair of belly basics tights in black--slimming and supportive--ahhh. $15
  2. My Samson Martin "due in" tee. $46
  3. A Bella Bandto hold my pants up during those awkward months when maternity clothes are toobig and regular clothes too small. $26-$30
  4. My date night red dress from Olian. $105

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