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Last week we covered the launch party of the Jeremy Scott for Cybex Strollers. Today I'm sharing the exclusive interview with the designer to find out more about what inspired him to create the lively "food fight" print.

This week I flew to London to cover the release of the newest design partnership between CYBEX and fashion designer Jeremy Scott. I got to sit down with Jeremy for an exclusive interview with the designer.

Nicole Feliciano for Momtrends:I just saw the smart car, so smart car, strollers, is there something about wheels… ?
Jeremy Scott:I love the idea of branching out into all kinds of design, for instance I am the first designer ever to design a car now. That’s the difference. Everything else has been an interior fabric … to have my designs to go into a larger kind of spectrum in that sense. I love the idea of my work touching people’s lives in different ways. So much of high fashion can be so insular, as much as I love it, it just by nature is so insular. I like how these things can be parts of people’s lives in different ways.

jeremy scott smart car

NF: When you were designing this, did you have a certain parent in mind?
JS: There’s such a new generation of parents that want fun things for their babies and want everything that they never had and more, or have matching outfits with them. There’s this whole other category of like the mini-me babies. So I started delving into it through that so when this project came along, I was already in the mind set about doing something that breaks what goes on out there. People are like all baby strollers are just black, or there’s only boy or only girl thing, to just demolish that, and here it is, it’s really neither boy nor girl. As not shocking as that sounds, it’s shocking in baby world. Gender unspecific?! What are you trying to say?! I playing with different new parameters in a way and have fun with that.

NF: How was the collaboration with Cybex? Did they trust you?
JS:They just had such a great attitude. The people I work with have to full want to embrace my world, because it’s 100% or nothing. I don’t do it, if not, so I don’t things if I don’t feel like I have that commitment and that passion and I can tell by what people are asking, how they want to work with me, if they are going to go all the way. I really can’t be questioned … you have to just trust me. I don’t want to be controlled so I need to be working with partners that know I’m just going to dive into it. I’m going to give all the thought and research and love to it. It might not appear the way you thought it should but it’s going to be the purest form… It’s knowing that they have that and they’re going to support me fully on it and go there and go the distance.

NF: As a mom of young kids, prints are genius because it hides the mess. Did you think about that?
JS:That’s nice to know. I’m going to take that and run with it.

CYBEX by Jeremy Scott 03

NF: Do you envision doing another collection with another pattern, or playgrounds?
JS: I love the idea of having new generations of it. Different chapters.

Finally we got onto the topic of celebrity moms at the end of our chat. Jeremy is friends with Kanye and plans to gift him one of these strollers. We then started chatting about Kim. Here's what he said, "Kim Kardashian ... she’s dressing the way she wants to dress, leave her alone. It doesn’t matter. She’s doing no harm to no one. She’s like, this is what makes me feel good. Why should she have to wear a tee-pee. Let her be. “She’s wearing the skirt so tight, she’s hurting the baby.” The baby is fine, leave her alone. You don’t give up your taste and why should you?"

For more on the collection visit http://cybexbyjeremyscott.com/

We were not paid for this post. But I was flown out to London to cover the event.

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