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RejuvaHealth: Designer Compression Legwear

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With the frigid temps in NYC, I have been keeping my legs warm with an innovative pair of tight from RejuvaHealth. Not only do they feature cute and unique styles, these compression stockings provide incredible support for legs and feet as an FDA-registered Class 1 Medical Support Stocking. Each style provides gradual support from the ankle up the leg, which can work wonders for promoting blood circulation and relieving leg fatigue or swelling caused by prolonged sitting or standing. While wearing the Black Opaque Tights I loved how sleek they look as well as how comfortable I felt in them - truly unique for tights that I am used to bunching or feeling uncomfortable in.

Nicknamed "Compression Couture," RejuvaHealth was created by Kelsey Minarik in 2010 after being diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis. Through her company, Minarik is able to make other young women and men aware of this health issue, and provide those who suffer from it with a product that's designed to help while looking great. RejuvaHealth works with the National Blood Clot Alliance to promote thrombosis & thromphilia awareness and raise funds that will go toward alerting the public and health care providers about this silent killer.

RejuvaHealth offers a wide variety of stylish compression stockings that include panty hose, knee-highs and thigh-highs. All of which come in chic patterns such as 'sheer dot' and 'opaque black diamond.' While wearing RejuvaHealth's stylish compression stockings, women can prevent the development of varicose veins and get legs into the perfect shape to show off as the weather starts getting warmer. Some of my favorites are the Sheer Black Dot Pantyhouse, Floral Pantyhouse, and the fun Lavish Leopard printed tights. They also other styles such as Knee High, Thigh High, Leggings, Maternity and Athletic wear for comfort and ease.

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Offering women support and comfort, these compression tights are truly an innovative way to wear fashionable tights without having to suffer any discomfort.

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