Deliver In Style with BG Birthing Gown


I know myself and I am sure many of you out had to wear that "not so pretty" hospital gown while delivering. Well, I have worn "that gown" twice and now with my third pregnancy, I was determined to look a little more stylish. And with only one more week to go, I am beyond happy to have been introduced toBG The Birthing Gown.

The Birthingown is a stylish wrap dress made of super soft jersey. The stretch fabric gives the soon-to-be-mom the freedom to move and the versatility to sit on a birthing ball, squat and give birth. The Birthingown wraps around your body and ties closed at the empire waist, never having to reveal anything. It's a dress that gives women the confidence to be actively involved in the birth process and is comfortable and well fitting.


Having received this gown and packing it in my hospital bag ready for when the time comes, I became weary that my hospital wouldn't allow this gown to be worn and I'll be forced to have to wear the actual hospital gown. I wrote to BG asking about this. Cindy, the designer of BG, as well as labor and delivery nurse gave us this response: "Not only do hospitals "allow" women to wear the BG, but the BG is sold in numerous hospitals and Medical Centers across the nation! We have even had hospitals reach out to us after a woman has worn the BG, wanting to make the BG available to their mommies. Ladies, it's your birth so dress for the occasion!" So there you go mamma's..the BG gown can 100% be worn for birthing!

The birthing gown is available in six color ways, and retails for $64.99 and comes in "one size fits most".For more information about Birthingown visit Birthingown would like to offer all Momtrends readers 10% off. Use code: Mommies New Trend in the checkout.

Momtrends was not compensated for this post but did receive a sample for review. 

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