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While Chilrdren's Place is wonderful for everyday clothing. I always try to balance utility pieces with truly exceptional fashions. I came across Dan Dan at a Children's fashion trade show in NYC and think it is worth your attention.

Owner/designer AikoDecelles launched this line in 2008. The fabrics are glorious (Liberty prints and classic colors) and everything is well made. But the best part is the ingenuity of the line. Dan danis a Japanese word for "gradually" or "step by step." Aiko has worked in an expansion system into her line. Buttons have a number of holes to fill allowing a baby to grow and still look adorable in a romper or a little girl to make a dress into a top.

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Here's a Dan Dan top from the summer line I found over at The Bean's Closet for ($32) It is reversible and expandable. Isn't the floral print pretty? For fall things get more woodsy (see top picture). It's all about balance isn't it. A few special things make a wardrobe so special for out children. I believe in investing in designers and to giving every child a few unique touches.

Go here for a list of stores that carry the line.

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