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You probably already know that I make it a habit to attend all the major children's fashion trade shows. What am I looking for? Fashion. Quality. Value. Most shows have hundreds of vendors, yet I only find myself drawn to a small percentage (around 10%).

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Why do certain brands stand out from the crowd. First, they don't jam too much product into a booth. Second, the designers are present to talk to the media directly (I don't need to speak to someone from sales). Third, I can simply run my hand along the garment--by touching a piece I judge the fabrics and quickly assess the quality of construction. Cheap, "here today gone tomorrow" clothes are not going to catch my eye and I'm not going to give precious Momtrends editorial space.

Huggy Bunny was a recent discovery. They passed my "touch test" with flying colors. Founder, Andrea Chem oews this to her partner/Dad. Andrea's dad is based in Peru and has wonderful business connections there. He provided Andrea with the very best weavers and together they created Huggy Bunny.

Everything is Peruvian Pima cotton--next to cashmere, one of the softest things you can put on baby. Moms dealing with allergies adore Pima cotton since it is gentle on delicate skin. My favorite item from the line is the Romper ($36). This is a year-round basic. It's all you'll need in summer and Layer it with a mini waffle weave jacket in yellow ($24) for fall and winter.

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Green momma alert--Huggy Bunny uses fair trade practices and also puts 3% of proceeds back into the Rainforest Alliance.

I'll be attending the upcoming ENK show October 4-6--shoot me an email: capricornwriter (at) hotmail (dot) com if you want me to see your brand.

Full Disclosure: While Huggy Bunny is a wonderful Momtrends sponsor, Huggy Bunny has no say over editorial content. Momtrends does not accept paid advertorials or paid blog posts.

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