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Petunia's Wistful Weekender


You've seen her. (Maybe you even are her.) Just running into Target for a few things but carrying the baby, the diaper bag, the purse, the seat cover and the never-go-anywhere-without-it blanket. I admire her. She is prepared, but this is NOT me. I can't stand carrying a bag for baby and a bag for me which is why I've often been drawn to the bags created by Petunia Pickle Bottom. From their delicious Cake Collection to the new Sashay Satchel, PPB bags beautifully intertwine the sensibility of a diaper bag with the style of a designer purse. Room for me, room for my little ones, all packaged in a beautiful and sophisticated exterior.

What I'm eying this summer from Petunia is their new Wistful Weekender. From private plane rides to the Greek Isles and lazy days on the beaches of Nice (dream) to overnights at the in-laws and day trips to the park (reality), the Wistful Weekender is roomy enough to hold my infant's overnight necessities for a stay at grandma's or manage sippy cups, sweatshirts and snacks (plus my extras) when I take all three of my boys for a day at the playground.

Generously sized at 12 X 17 X 13 inches, the Weekender is currently available in 5 organic cotton canvas patterns (with more to come in their Fall 2011 collection). You'll have to look closely to see the two front exterior pockets that are perfectly sized to hold quick-reach items like my cell phone, lip gloss, pacifier or keys. Opening the zippered top reveals a spacious interior compartment with 11 pockets surrounding the perimeter.


Two come pre-filled with the included PPB wipes case and changing pad. Four elastic trimmed pockets are perfect for bottles, cups and water bottles, and one zippered pocket adds extra security to stow my ID and cash. A convenient key clip means I can actually open my car instead of digging for lost keys, and a pair of side snaps expand or contract the size of the bag as needed.

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I'm also think I might use the Wistful Weekender for a weekend I've been wishing for - one without the kids where my husband and I can escape for a night away and enjoy luxuries like wearing an outfit that doesn't contain spit-up or PB&J fingers and a hot dinner eaten in relative quiet. For that kind of weekend, I'll also be packing Petunia's Travel Train and Powder Room Cases filled with those under-used eye shadows, red lipsticks and perfumes.


Whether you are adventuring across the seas or just across the street this summer, Petunia has a bag that will take you from here to there in stunning style.

Where will this summer take you?

Kate Bayless is a writer, editor, gear guru and mom of 3 boys. You can visit her and @katebayless.

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