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Christmas gifts for Moms to Be

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Alicia Shaffer, founder of Peanut Shell slings and accessories, is all about the fun traditions at the Holidays. One of her family favorites is to pick out sets of fun matching PJ's (like the ones above) and wear them all day on Christmas - everywhere they go.

"We open our presents, stockings, have breakfast then try to find an open Starbucks or coffee house and go get coffee. In the evening we will go to a local Christmas in the Park in our jammies. It is fun to see people laughing at us, but it'??s Christmas and something we have done every year," says Alicia of the custom.

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Moms to be can benefit from Alicia's taste (well, her taste the other 364 days of the year) with a Peanut Shell sling ($69). This is the most fashionable and cozy way to wear baby in the first few weeks after delivery.

Before baby arrives, show off your style with a trendy top from 2Chix. I'm giving the "What's Kickin'"hoodie top to a pal who just announced she's having #3. You may like the sassy "Knocked Up"hoodie better. Either way these are great gifts. $49

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