Children's Place BTS Fashion Preview

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Living in NYC means I get access to a lot of events. A few months ago, I got to swing by The Children's Place to see what they had cooking for BTS. I've got to say I appreciate the recession-friendly pricing they offer parents. A big part of the BTS programs was offering wardrobes that don't blow the budget. For girls, they offered three outfits that consisted of 18 pieces. Total cost= $250. You could mix and match these 18 pieces and have a month's worth of trendy looks. I thought the denim program was masterful--especially items with embellishmentlike Premium Flower Jeans ($24.50)

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Another part of the showroom had the boys clothing. For boys you could get 12 great pieces for under $200! Everything is wash, wear and easy to coordinate. For boys, I dug the vintage logos, argyle sweaters and hip plaids. I guess they were inspired by one rockin' dude.

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