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Catt Sadler's Fashion Tips

Catt Sadler Fashion

With New Year’s resolutions come new opportunities for “Oh!” moments—those moments when you look and feel confident, empowered and happy. Celebrity news correspondent Catt Sadler shared some of her favorite fashions tips on how to look fresh and fashionable in 2014.

Five fashion tips from Catt Sadler:

1. This is NOT a time to blend in! To show off your new and improved body, choose bright colors and bold prints that help you get noticed and express the strong, increasingly confident person you've become! You can mix and match prints (which is still a fashion trend this year) and play with lots of textures, too. Those days of trying to blend in are O-V-E-R!

2. Often when we're unhappy with our bodies we tend to hide in our boyfriend jeans or oversized sweaters and jackets; it's time to tuck these away. Now that you're feeling fantastic, select more fitted silhouettes that reveal just how hard you've been working! It may be difficult to get out of the habit of "covering up," but embrace your slimmed down curves and don't hesitate to show off the goods with streamlined clothes and even sexier cuts that accentuate your body.

3. For the first time in years we've been seeing pastels in the winter time! Don't wait for summer to bust out your pinks, lilacs and baby blues. Show off the new you by showing you know exactly what's on trend. Accompany that new pair of fitted jeans with a soft yellow sweater and baby pink lip gloss. Your friends will admire your bold choices!

4. Often when we don't feel our best, we're not motivated to dress up. Sneakers and sweat pants can be the 'uniform.' Now that you're looking and feeling great, try dressing up more than usual.

5. You know the old saying, ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have’? Well, this applies to the way you want to be perceived by your peers and is truly a reflection of how you're feeling inside. Dress for success and you'll continue being successful in most areas of your life, including your new healthier way of living.

6. To celebrate the slimmer you, splurge and buy yourself one new piece of clothing. Naturally, the biggest reward of all is acknowledging that your hard work and dedication has paid off, but splurging on one new blouse or a pair of pants one size smaller certainly validates the new, thinner you. Rocking a brand new chic blazer sure says OH! to me!

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