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Cabi Fall 2016 Collection

The cabi Fall 2016 Collection made me dream of crisp fall weather and embracing rich colors. By now you know I love fashion, and I love a good runway. Cabi knows how to put on a elegantly different show. I was lucky enough to nab a front-row seat for the show with two of my blogging pals--Audrey and Vera.

cabi with blogging friends
Cabi Fall 2016 Collection

This is my third cabi fashion show--the cabi team calls it the "cabi Scoop"--and I'm always impressed by the creativity and attention to detail that goes into the presentation. First,there's the snappy music, then there are the clothes--swoon. Each new group was more exciting than the previous. I think I got fashion whiplash trying to take it all in!

Cabi Fall 2016 Collection

But let's talk about what it means to be elegantly different. At cabi, that means is including an array of models in different ages and sizes--because women aren't all size 2, 6' tall and 22 years old. Women who love clothes come in all shapes and sizes! Cabi embraces beauty in many forms.

Take a look at the runway show yourself:

>You can see the collection as a slower speed here with the look book.

sakura red

There are seven collections in all (over a hundred pieces). Here's the break down:

Sakura Red: It's all about mixing different hues of red to create a bold confident look. My top pick from this collection was the Camo Pullover.
Tea Lounge: Comfy, cozy knits and daywear that can take you from school drop off to a lunch out in style. Stylish loungewear is a trend I give a HUGE thumbs up. Can't miss item? The Recess Topper.
Kyoto Blossom: I loved the greys and slate blues in this group and all the yummy sweaters. Must-haves include the Reversible Wrap with the Slim Boyfriend jean.
Calligraphy Brush: Hints of lace and lots of looks that can go to work. The Utility Skirt will become a closet favorite for sure.
Pacific Blue: You guessed it, an explosion of blue. There's a blue hue for everyone in this collection. I've got my eye on the Tartan Jacket.
Osaka Nights: Some mod cuts and trendy jackets in solids and prints. My favorite piece was the windowpane jacket.
Bamboo Forest: Green florals work back to earth tones. My pick is the Zoe top.

cabi pacific blue
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Fall is going to be so much fun to wear (and you'll be seeing me styling some looks VERY soon). Since cabi is an elegantly different shopping experience, the show was just the start. What you can't see from the video, is what happens BEFORE and AFTER the runway show. That's where things got really interesting for me.

Elegantly Different

Before the show, all the guests were treated to aerial artistry. A group of performers did an amazing routine with silks. That preceded the show. After the models stopped strutting, we found out that one of the artists was a cabi stylist.

Cabi President Kimberly Inskeep had a surprise in store too--she was so inspired by the silks she too studied the skill. Kimberly talked about embracing her fears and becoming vulnerable. Not one normally accustomed to getting physical, Kimberly struggled with the process of climbing the silks and pushing her limits. But as she told it, push she did.

kimberly inskeep aerial artist

Kimberly used her experience with the silks (that's her above!) to help inspire all in attendance to take on challenges. We all start new projects with gusto and energy. It's the middle place where things get hard. The place where progress is slow. When you don't know if you are on the right path. With more than 3,500 women in the audience who run their own businesses, this presentation was extremely appropriate.

A big part of the cabi story is the way that this company invests in women. Every woman selling cabi is required to come to "scoop" the biannual meeting where all the stylists gather to see the new trends, learn styling tips and participate in sales training and team building.

As one of cabi's key leaders, Kimberly took the time to get personal and vulnerable. I was moved by her speech and her willingness to inspire not just in words, but in action too.

In addition to Kimberly's moving presentation, I was also wowed by the cabi sales awards (they call them the CMA's "cabi maginificence awards"--witnessing the successes of women doing what they love makes me so happy. From the "Rookie of the season" to the "cabi girl" I was thrilled to see women celebrating women. No jealous, no rivalry, just love, respect and support. And I feel so lucky to be embraced by these women and the cabi community.

cabi girls

You can find out more about cabi careers here. Scoop gave the management team a chance to tell all the stylists how the brand is investing in their business through marketing, technology and design. They set their women up for success. I was proud to see a photo of my upcoming release, Mom Boss on the screen announcing Kimberly's partnership in the book. Kimberly VERY generously wrote the forward to the book. What a thrill to share the cover of the book in front of this glorious crowd.

heart of cabi presentation

I was moved by how cabi celebrates female entrepreneurs around the world. A part of Scoop was dedicated to celebrating the women of >Opportunity International who are changing their lives by starting small businesses across the globe. These "sister entrepreneurs" are given grants every time a new cabi stylist launches a cabi career. Cabi doesn't do hand-outs, the do investing and they do it very, very well. See all those colorful flags on the cabi tree? Those represents the dreams of the stylists and the loans they have generated.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own and this is not a scripted piece.Photos are property of Momtrends Media.

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